Stock Plan Pricing

Our Stock Plan Service has been an extremely popular method of acquiring home plans for many years. Thousands of homes have been built using these plans. It is not only the most economical way, but also the fastest way of acquiring your home design. In most cases it will be forwarded within 24 hrs. of the receipt of your order.

This service is designed to give you a wide selection of home designs that have been carefully previewed for their popularity and practicality from our inventory of several thousand plans.

Make It Your Own!

Having decided on a plan that is almost but not quite just what you wanted, you can have us do some modifications to it. This should prevent misunderstandings between builder and owner and, in the case of a change that may affect the structure, assure you that the house will be structurally sound.

Our Modified Stock Plan Service is designed to allow changes to be made to the plans and add that personalized touch at a reasonable cost.

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