Custom Plans

Preliminary Design

Cost varies depending on size and complexity of the plan. Cost usually varies between $500 – $1200. Preliminary Design includes floor plans, front elevation, and 2 blueprint sets.

Custom drafting usually begins with us doing a preliminary drawing based on the information you provide. This information can be mailed or faxed to us and should include a rough sketch or drawing of the floor plan layout. We will then give you a quote on the cost of the preliminary drawing and request a deposit on the project equal to that cost. When you have approved the preliminary drawing or forwarded any changes or alterations to us, we will proceed with the construction drawings.

Final Working Drawings

Includes 1 blueprint set. Cost is $0.92/sq. ft.

*Note: For alternate foundation systems: Add 5 cents/sq. ft. to final working drawing price. For Alternate main/upper floor wall systems: Add 5 cents/sq. ft. to working drawing price.

  • Attached Garage: Add $200.00
  • Attached Deck(s) and/or Verdanda(s): Add $95.00
  • Developed (Finished) Basement): Add $0.49/sq. ft
  • Additional Blueprint og Final Working Drawing: $18.00 each